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Travelling to Australia


Immigration and Visas

Any traveler wishing to enter Australia must first obtain a visa before making any travel arrangements. For more information visit: Department of Home Affairs




Plan your trip to Australia with the help of, the official website of the Australian Department of Tourism.


Tourist Refund Scheme or VAT refund for tourists

In some cases it is possible to claim back VAT (GST in Australia) on goods you have purchased while on vacation in Australia.


Just settled in Australia?

The Australian government portal provides you with information on Australian citizenship, health services, assistance to immigrants, working conditions, how to buy a house, etc.



The Australian Border Force is responsible for the security and integrity of Australia's borders.

Information for international travelers. Information on items to be declared at customs or mailed to Australia.


Embassies and consulates in Australia

Embassies and consulates in alphabetical order

Working in Australia

The Australian Embassy cannot help you find work in Australia.


Of interest

Visiting Australia