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COVID-19 Nicaragua

Please use this page in conjunction with the smartraveller country travel advice for Nicaragua. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to our travel advisories on smartraveller.gov.au, sign up for critical updates by SMS and follow us on Facebook  and Twitter (@AusEmbMex) for the latest information on conditions in Nicaragua

There are movement restrictions, including a curfew in place in Nicaragua – refer to the smartraveller travel advice for Nicaragua for further details.


List of laboratories for COVID-19 (PCR) testing


  • Ministerio de Salud (Complejo Concepción Palacios).

    Costado Oeste Colonia Primero de Mayo. Managua, Nicaragua.
    (505) 2264-7630, (505) 2264-7730, (505) 2289-4700.
    Monday – Saturday 7:00 am – 10.30 am (Results are delivered in the afternoon).
    USD $150  (can be paid at the center, Cash Only).


Service Providers

The following essential service providers have reported they will be opening sporadically in major urban centres.  Contact the service provider directly to confirm operating hours. Certain stores may also limit the number of patrons in store at any one time. You should consider home delivery options where available.





Gas Stations

La Colonia

Farmacia Value

Banco Atlantida

Puma Energy




Farmacia Saba


Banco de America Central


La Union


Farmacia Kielsa











Local Emergency Numbers

Fire and rescue services: Call 115

Medical emergencies: Call 128 or go to the hospital.

Police: Call 118

Call 101 for the tourist police, or go to the nearest police station.

Always get a police report when you report a crime.

Your insurer should have a 24-hour emergency number.


Actions to take