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Special requirements


How to obtain an Australian passport in Mexico

Note: From 1 July 2015, all Australian overseas passport applications require a personal interview at an Australian overseas mission. Interviews are available at the Australian Embassy in Mexico or any of the Consulates listed here: . Applicants in Cuba, Panama and Dominican Republic, where Australia has no mission, will be required to present for interview at their nearest or most convenient Australian mission. Minors under 18 years of age are not required to present at the interview, one person with paternal responsibility for the child must however present for an interview.

Note: From 1 July 2015, passport applications lodged overseas will incur an additional fee (overseas surcharge). The additional fee will be A$102 for all adult applications, and A$51 for all child applications. The fee will not apply to emergency passport applications.

The Passports office at the Embassy of Australia in Mexico City is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 1:00 pm, and 2:30 to 4:30 pm

The Australian Consulates in the region work on an appointment basis. Please contact them by email.

The Embassy will be closed for the following public holidays in 2017:

Monday 2 January, Monday 6 February, Monday 20 March, Friday 14 April, Monday 17 April, Monday 1 May, Monday 12 June, Monday 2 October, Monday 20 November, Monday 25 December, Tuesday 26 December, Wednesday 27 December,Thursday 28 December, Friday 29 December.

The Australian Consulates in the region work on an appointment basis. Please contact them by email.

Passport photographs

The size and quality of your passport photographs is of critical importance. The size of your head in the photograph must comply with Australian passport requirements, which differ from other passport photograph standards. Familiarise yourself with these requirements and ensure you submit compliant photos. Your application may be rejected because of unsuitable photographs.


All supporting documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an official translation made by a translator registered with the embassy. This includes documents such as foreign birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, name change certificates and court orders. Please note that both the original foreign language document and the original translation must be submitted with your application.

The Embassy can provide you with a list of recognised translators. Please request a list from the Passport Office in Mexico City at or the telephone number listed below.


The suggested procedure for preparing your passport application form is as follows:

1. Find out what type of form that you need to use.



2. Read the instruction sheets for that form.

3. Access the online forms and complete the proper application.

4. Print the completed application form.

5. Read the checklist for your form and ensure that you are submitting all the items necessary for your application.

PC8 Adult

PC8 Child


6. Guarantor for PC8 only. If you do not know an Australian who can meet the requirements as your Guarantor at section 11 on page 3 of the application, you may use a Guarantor who does not hold an Australian passport as long as he or she is currently employed in one of the approved professional or occupation groups listed below, and:

  • is not related to you by birth or marriage,
  • is not in a de facto relationship with you,
  • does not live at the same address,
  • is over 18 years of age,
  • has known you for at least 12 months, and
  • is readily available to discuss your application during normal business hours.

Approved professional or occupation groups

  •  Accountants who are members of either the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants, National Institute of Accountants or Association of Taxation and Management Accountants.. Specify which membership status applies.
  • Bailiffs
  • Barristers, Solicitors and Patent Attorneys Bank Managers except managers of bank travel centres
  • Chartered Professional Engineers
  • Clerk of Courts
  • Clerk of Petty Sessions
  • Dentists
  • Elected Representatives of Federal Parliaments, State Parliaments, Territory Parliaments, Legislative Assembly of Norfolk Island and Municipal or Shire Councils
  • Holders of Statutory Offices for which an annual salary is payable
  • Judges
  • Marriage Celebrants
  • Members currently serving in the regular Australian Defence Force with at least five years continuous service
  • Members of the Governance Institute of Australia (formerly Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries)
  • Pharmacists
  • Police Officers with at least 5 years continuous service
  • Postal Managers
  • Public Servants who are current full-time employees of Commonwealth, State, territory or local Governments or Statutory Authorities and who have been employed continuously for at least 5 years by their current employer
  • Registered Chiropractors
  • Registered Medical Practitioners
  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Optometrists
  • Registered Physiotherapists
  • Registered Psychologists
  • Registered Tax Agents
  • Registered Veterinary Surgeons
  • Sheriffs
  • Stipendiary Magistrates
  • Teachers who are full time and who have been teaching for more than five years at schools or tertiary institutions

Travel Document Fees as at February 2017 

Payments for Australian travel documents, consular and courier fees will be accepted by Bank Card (VISA or MASTERCARD) only.

Please contact the Consular and Passports section at for instructions on wiring payments from outside Mexico. 

Passports are valid for 10 years (adults) or 5 years (children and adults aged 75 years and over).

Validez de los pasaportes es de 10 años (adultos) ó 5 años (menores y adultos de 75 años en adelante).

From 1 February 2017 Passports fees are as follows:

A partir del 1 de febrero del 2017 los costos de pasaportes son:






Passport surcharge for overseas applications

Cargo adicional para solicitudes hechas fuera de Australia

103 1,590

Passport surcharge for overseas children's applications

Cargo adicional para solicitudes de menores hechas fuera de Australia

52 803

Ordinary Passport 32 pages (adult)

Pasaporte de 32 páginas (adulto)



Ordinary Passport 32 pages (child 16/17 years)

Pasaporte de 32 páginas (menor 16/17 años)

277 4,277

Ordinary Passport 32 pages (child)

Pasaporte de 32 páginas (menor)

139 2,146

Ordinary Passport 32 pages (senior - over 75 years)

Pasaporte de 32 páginas (adulto mayor - 75 años +)

139 2,146

Frequent Traveller Passport 64 pages (adult)

Pasaporte de 64 páginas (adulto)

407 6,284

Emergency Passport

Pasaporte de Emergencia

175 2,702

Document of Identity

Documento de Identidad

72 1,112

Passport Observation (after issue)

Observación en el pasaporte (después de impreso)

15 232

Legalising documents / Legalización de documentos

Apostille on documents / Apostilla documentos 80 1,235
Authentication on documents / Autenticación documentos 80 1,235
Certify copy / Copia certificada 70 1,081
Witnessing a signature / Atestiguar una firma 70 1,081

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

Certificado de no impedimento de matrimonio





Couriers - National

Mensajería - Nacional



Couriers -  International

Mensajería -  Internacional



Couriers - service to Cuba

Mensajería - servicio a Cuba




Processing time

7. The processing time for a passport is from 10 working days to 3 weeks from the lodging of a complete application.

Return courier

8. If you are not able to pick up your passport at the Australian Embassy in Mexico City, courier fees apply; please include the corresponding fee when lodging your application.
If you have any further questions please contact the Consular and Passports Section of the Australian Embassy in Mexico City at +52 (55) 1101 2256.