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Cambios al programa de visas de tránsito


What is changing?

In line with the Department of Home Affairs (The Department) commitment to improve services and expand online service delivery, we are planning to implement online lodgement for the Transit (subclass 771) Visa by the end of the financial year. The change means:

•           From 1 July 2018 online lodgement will be the only option available for Transit (subclass771) visa applications.

•           From the date of introduction of the online form, clients will no longer have access to, or be able to lodge, paper applications for this visa.

•           A transit visa online application form will be available through ImmiAccount.

•           The new form for a Transit visa will include additional questions.


What is not changing?

Core aspects of the Transit visa remain the same.

•           Transit visa will continue to be free of charge

•           A Transit visa will continue to be a visa option for

?          Applicants transiting through Australia

?          Ship crew arriving by air to join a ship


How does this affect you?

The impact of this change on Service Delivery Partners is:

•           The current paper application form will not be available after 30 June 2018.

•           The Department will not accept paper application or applications included in the SDP Flat File submitted after the 30th June 2018 

•           Service Delivery partners may offer a supported lodgement service for clients through ImmiAccount

If clients encounter a problem with submitting Transit visas online they can contact the department through the ImmiAccount technical support form.